Colorado Hispanic Family Loses Home 8 Days After Buying It After Fierce Fire

The Camacho family lost their home after a fierce fire in Colorado.

Photo: GoFundMe / Courtesy

In the summer of 2020, Roberto Camacho and Vanezza Villegas left Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, to settle in Superior, Colorado, where with great enthusiasm they began to make a new life.

The Camachos had it clear: they should have a home for the family and it was then that they were encouraged to buy a house which finished paying in late 2021, eight days before it burned down due to the fierce Boulder fires.

In an interview with Telemundo, Roberto Camacho recounted the difficult moment they are going through: “I still have a hard time believing it, even after seeing all our things turned to ashes.”

He also revealed that a second alarm let him know what would happen: “The alarm system that we had suddenly activated as if someone had entered, but at the same time three sensors were also activated and that was where I collapsed, because already I knew”.

According to the Camachos, The day of the fire they were in Texas visiting relatives to spend the New Year and from the security cameras of their home they saw how their home was consumed by flames: “It was incredible what the sky looked like and that was where we started with this fear, this we have …”.

The Camachos said that, as well as other affected families, They also need the support that the United States government grants, but they cannot apply.

“We need support from FEMA, but how we are not permanent residents, we cannot apply yet”, They counted.

Through GoFundMe, the family of The Camachos have asked for help to overcome of this loss that has left them without money, since they invested everything in the house.

So far they have managed to raise just over $ 21,000 thanks to the Good Samaritans.

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