COVID: Cases of omicron rise in Jalisco How many have been identified so far?

Through the molecular surveillance system, specialists from the Health Situation Room for COVID, identified 107 cases of omicron in Jalisco. Dr. Alejandra Vega Magaña, head of the department of diagnosis of emerging diseases at the University of Guadalajara, explained that in recent days this variant has gained ground to the delta, which was the predominant one. He explained that all documented cases have been ambulatory and did not present serious symptoms.

“In 2021, what prevailed was the delta variant, however, in the first epidemiological week of this year we practically have 95.5% omicron versus 3.3% delta, which reflects how this variant has a much higher infection capacity “, he detailed.

Vega Magaña reported that they also detected two cases of coinfection of SARS-CoV2 and influenza, which are called fluron; these patients also had mild symptoms.

Dr. Gabriela Macedo Ojeda, executive coordinator of the Situation Room, explained that, due to the high level of infection of the variant, the number of people affected may exceed that recorded in previous waves of the pandemic.

“It has been identified that it can be less serious in terms of hospitalization and deaths, however, a greater number of infections in less time can saturate the health system because this implies a greater demand for tests, primary care services and hospitalizations” he commented.

He recalled that people with a complete vaccination chart have a 65% lower risk of developing serious symptoms. and those who have already received the reinforcement up to 81%. He insisted on the need to maintain preventive measures such as the correct use of face masks, ventilate closed spaces, avoid crowds and complete vaccination.



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