COVID: How much do tests cost in Jalisco?

Coronavirus cases have skyrocketed in recent weeks due to the variant omicron. If you suspect that you have contracted COVID-19 and want to take a test to corroborate or rule it out, you have two options: make an appointment on the phones of Radar Jalisco or the Ministry of Health, and the other alternative is pay for your test in a private laboratory.

The importance of taking a test is because with the diagnosis you can isolate yourself in time and avoid infecting other people, but also because it helps you monitor your health and receive timely medical care.

In private laboratories in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, PCRs, which are the most accurate to detect the virus even without symptoms, have a price that goes from 950 pesos to almost five thousand.

Antigen tests, which are faster, they go from 200 pesos, if bought in a pharmacy, up to 950 pesos in a laboratory.

What are the prices?

In a price review carried out by this means of communication in some laboratories in the metropolis, it was found that they have the following prices.

PCR: 950 pesos (Deliver the result in up to 72 hours and appointment is required)

Antigens: 260 pesos (delivers results in two hours)

PCR: 3,290 (Results between 24 and 48 hours)

Antigens: 790 pesos (results in 2 to 4 hours)

  • Clinical Pathology Unit

PCR: 4,300 and is carried out on Avenida México (Delivers results in 24 hours)

Antigens: 950 pesos and no appointment is required.

PCR: 2,998 pesos

Antigens: 874 pesos

Antigens: 299 pesos (It is required to make an appointment online and the results are in 15 minutes)

  • Here you can get free trials in Jalisco

The University of Guadalajara perform tests against COVID-19 for free by scheduling an appointment at Radar Jalisco in the phone number 3335403001. However, the demand has been so high that availability for sampling is currently within eight days.

You can also speak to the line of the Jalisco Health Secretariat at the phone number 3338233220 to schedule a free appointment, after a quick diagnosis by a doctor. Here there is availability of appointments to the next week.


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