Experts predict that 80% of citizens in Florida may get covid before the new wave goes down

They ensure that the new strain spreads faster, with a shorter incubation period.

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A new UF model shows that most Floridians, the state with the second highest average number of cases in the country in the last month and that this Saturday added another 69,914, will have contracted the virus in the coming days, according to the researcher from UF Ira Longini.

“If you look at the infection curve, we already think there were a million infections per day in late December, early January,” said Longini, professor of biostatistics at UF.

He stressed that the new strain spreads faster, with a shorter incubation period.

Researchers believe, however, that the number of serious cases and deaths will decrease with omicron.

“No doubt about that. The number of severe cases, hospitalizations and deaths will probably be around a third of what we see for delta, ”Longini explained.

Florida on Friday reported a new record of positive daily cases since the pandemic began in March 2020, close to 77,000.

According to UF research, the omicron wave will likely peak in mid-January with 90,000 daily cases.

The state, which has had almost 4.5 million confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic, also faces a shortage of medical personnel and an increase in hospitalizations of more than 365% in the last two weeks, according to the latest data.

It also suffers from a shortage of tests for the pathogen, which has led to long lines, and the absence of students of up to more than 100,000 on the first day of school this week.

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