Fear, one of the biggest obstacles to high performance

Meditation favors the state of the soul.

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A few years ago I flew with a client on his private plane from New York to Washington DC. There was bad weather, the clouds were heavy, the rain fell violently. During this short flight, there was strong turbulence. My client had a great fear of flying.

As he took off he turned pale, and at one point, he grabbed my arm to control his hunger. He was not helped by the fact that, during the flight, some paper plates forgotten in a microwave caught fire and filled the cabin with smoke. “Next time I suggest taking the train,” I said to my client, laughing, as we got off the plane, safe.

What happens to many of us happened to my client; that the fear of something that may happen in the future (although unlikely), paralyzes us in the present. Or, at least, it makes the procedure slower, more doubtful. There are people who, for fear of a plane crash, refuse to fly. Other times, instead, it is past experiences that make fear control us. As Seneca said, “a man who suffers before it is necessary, is someone who suffers more than necessary.”

This is why fear is one of the biggest obstacles to high performance. The fear of failure or of being judged by others is an emotion that, when it becomes a condition of life, prevents a person from fully developing their potential.

Fear makes us smaller than we are, it cuts the wings of full expression, because it is like a thread that has us tied; fear makes us operate from a lower level of consciousness, thus preventing creativity, intelligence, intuition.

But how do you overcome fear? To transcend it you have to have a higher intention to focus on and surrender to. Those who have marked the history of humanity, it is not that they did not have fears, but that they transcended them because they lived for a purpose higher than their own lives. What’s more, they knew how to transform fear into a powerful force to surrender even more to their higher purpose. The courage they showed was closely linked to the fear they felt.

It is also important to recognize our own fears, understand where they come from and ask ourselves, for example, if it is a fear of the present or is it a fear that one has had since childhood.

The practice of meditation is surely the most effective method to become aware of your own fears and face them. Because, those who transcend fear, feed the will, the determination, the motivation. In his book “La Receta del Éxito”, chef and businessman Juan Manuel Barrientos tells how, when he managed to overcome the fear of death, he also managed to overcome the fear of being wrong.

“That is why I am more creative than before, and I think that is part of the secret of my success. How I am not afraid of being wrong, I dream things that others consider impossible, I take risks and take on challenges ”. That’s what it’s all about.


* Aldo Civico is Italian-American. High performance coach, brain health, breathing, mindfulness, writer and creator of the Inspira Tu Mente podcast. He is an anthropologist and adjunct professor at Columbia University. He has advised personalities such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Romano Prodi, Carlos Slim, Juanes and Forest Whitaker. https://www.aldocivico.com/


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