Hispanic accused in Texas of taking 14-year-old son to store to shoot three other teenagers

Richard Acosta is accused of taking his 14-year-old son to a store where the minor killed three other teenagers.

Photo: Garland Police Department / Facebook / Courtesy

Hispanic father faces charges in Texas for transporting his 14-year-old son to a convenience store on Noche Nueva for the minor to shoot three teenagers.

The WFAA television station reported that this Friday Richard Acosta, 33, the judge in the case in the Dallas county court denied bail reduction of $ 3 million that was imposed on him, so the suspect will remain in prison.

The day before Christmas, the man reportedly brought his son Abel to the establishment in Garland.

Images captured by security cameras at the store they show Richard as he enters the store and returns to his vehicle before his son fired on the minors.

Heath Harris, Hispanic lawyer, indicated that neither his client nor his family have the means to pay the established sum.

“I initially wanted to contact the family to see how much bail they could get, which is not close to $ 3 million,” Harris was quoted as saying by the media.

“I don’t even think the family can afford a $ 100,000 bond if it drops to that amount,” he added.

Incidentally, the lawyer alleged that Richard allegedly did not know his son was carrying a gun at the time of the events.

“It is our position that he did not see the shooting from where he was sitting, and we do not believe they can prove otherwise, and I do not believe that there is probable cause to stop it; and definitely, they cannot prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt ”, stated the defender.

Prosecutors believe Richard could escape if released as he has ties to Mexico.

The son remains on the run and it is believed that it may be in that country on the border with the United States.

Harris refused to let the father or other relatives know of the child’s whereabouts. The lawyer too ruled out that family members have helped Abel escape.

“We have no idea,” the spokesperson said. “It would be of benefit to the father if he surrenders himself because he (Abel) can confirm that the father did not know anything,” he said.


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