Hispanic received four life sentences in New Mexico for crimes in 2017

The defense tried to show that Herrera was unfit to receive the trial, but they rejected that possibility.

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A Hispanic who starred in a murder spree in northern New Mexico received a sentence of four consecutive life sentences for the murder of four people on June 17, 2017, as ruled by a Santa Fe County court Thursday.

Damián Herrera, 26, killed his mother, María “Brenda” Gallegos, 49, his brother, Brendon Herrera, 20, and his stepfather, Max Trujillo, 55, after an argument.

After having starred in the first two murders, Herrera fled to Abiquiu, where five hours after committing the crimes, shot a man identified as Manuel Serrano, 59, at a gas station, reported KRQE.

After Herrera was arrested, his legal team tried to have him declared “incompetent”, because shortly after carrying out the killings, he told two of his sisters that he was “hearing voices.”

But attempts to have him declared “incompetent” were scrapped when he was sent to a specialty clinic in Las Vegas for treatment. where experts confirmed in January 2020 that the Hispanic was competent to face trial, reviewed the Efe agency.

In addition to the four life sentences handed down by New Mexico District Judge Jason Lidyard, Herrera received nine and a half years in jail on charges related to aggravated flight of a police officer, possession of a stolen vehicle, resisting an officer, attempted disarming an officer, assault on a peace officer and theft of firearms and credit cards.

Despite the sentence, Herrera is still awaiting trial for the alleged murder of a fifth person in Taos County, New Mexico. According to investigators, Herrera was trying to steal a car when would have shot and killed a man designated as Michael Alan Kyte.

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