Incredible: NASA successfully completes unfolding of the James Webb telescope

NASA successfully completed the full unfolding of this powerful and keen cosmic observer.

Photo: RINGO CHIU / AFP / Getty Images

NASA completed this Saturday the complete unfolding of the James Webb Space Telescope, this powerful and keen cosmic observer that marks a new “milestone” in space.

The US Space Agency completed the unfolding of the last 3 of a total of 18 beryllium hexagons bathed in a thin layer of gold that make up the main mirror.

“Stay tuned for the next few months as the space telescope reaches its destination, Lagrange point 2, and prepares for Unfold The Universe,” NASA commented on its official Twitter account.

Through a live transmission via Twitter, spectators could see a model that simulated what was happening in real time in space, it was also possible to observe the coupling of this last wing, the starboard wing, of the main mirror, which has a dimension of 6.5 meters.

Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s associate administrator, joked during the broadcast and said he hopes to shave today, noting that he promised not to do so until the telescope, which was launched last Christmas, was fully unfolded.

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