January Came: Now What?

The New Year has made its triumphal entry, and as is usual at this time as well, surely you are setting new goals or working to fulfill your Christmas resolutions … Yes, those in which you will surely give up in less than a month. And it is not a question of being pessimistic, it is that unfortunately the statistics confirm it.
For this reason, I propose something different: build a mentality that strengthens those goals you want to achieve. It may sound easy, but it is not. To achieve what we want, we must dare to step forward and recognize that we need to know ourselves more deeply.
Therapeutic support is essential in this process, because if we do not learn to question what lives in our mind, we will probably repeat the same patterns for life, and we will plunge into complaining about not knowing why we are abandoning our promises.
However, today I want to leave you with a couple of practical tasks that could help you change your perspective, so grab a pencil and paper to practice in a few moments.
To begin, acknowledge what you have accomplished so far. We all have projects or goals that we have built and that have given us great satisfaction on a personal level.
Write a list of those projects or tasks that have made you feel proud of your work. Also add a challenge that has marked a milestone in your life or that challenge that made you overcome the most stumbles and what you learned from all of it.
It is important to honor our lives, because in this way we can integrate what we have achieved so far. Keep in mind that the impostor syndrome is born from the lack of recognition of our work.
Even when you sit down to think about what happened in 2021, you don’t even have to focus on great achievements: refine your vision and aim to recognize much smaller and simpler objectives, but that helped you to overcome the great challenge that this meant. second year pandemic.
Becoming aware of the obstacles that you have overcome, the victories achieved and, above all, the lessons learned from our mistakes, will pave our way to increase our confidence and self-esteem.
Finally, remember to shower your mind with the elixir of gratitude. Appreciate what you have today and always, because that is your greatest fortune.

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