Jenni Rivera’s son, Johnny Lopez, misses his mother so much that he even misses hearing her curse

Johnny Lopez misses his mother, Jenni Rivera, and now he took the opportunity to say it thanks to an unpublished video published by his sister Chiquis Rivera. In which, the young woman tries to show how she and Jenni Rivera were always a team. That he was separated due, he says, to misunderstandings.

Along with the video Chiquis wrote: “I share with you this unpublished video that describes how long we already were and we continue to be a team. There I began to form the woman I am today“. Johnny took advantage of the publication to say that he misses her so much, that he even misses hearing her curse. “I miss her and her cursing so much ”, said the young son of the deceased“ queen of the band“.

The fans have responded to Johnny López in the video of his sister Chiquis, and they have done so with total affection, understanding his feelings. And it is that many mothers have responded that they themselves tell their children that the day they are no longer in this world, they will even miss hearing them scream.

Even Alicia Machado has sent a message to Chiquis and her brothers, thanks to this post. Thus the words of the Venezuelan: “Beautiful. A mother and a daughter… that bond is never broken ”. Nana Calistar also accompanied her like with these words: “You had the best example and today you are the strong woman you are because you had a great teacher, your mommy.”

And while Chiquis and her brothers continue to remember Jenni Rivera, her uncles unleash war. Juan has responded to Lupillo and assures that their brotherhood is over.

The Chisme No Like program reported on Instagram that the businessman and musician declared in his most recent Live on IG that even though he does not hate his brother Lupillo Rivera, It seems that he has no qualms about exposing his alleged mismanagement of obtaining some properties. And after launching such an accusation, he closes stating that his relationship with him has come to an end.

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