Juan Rivera talks about his brother Lupillo Rivera: “This relationship is over”

Juan Rivera performed a live on his Instagram account and spoke about his brother Lupillo Rivera, amid the controversy surrounding the Rivera family and which arose after Chiquis Rivera’s accusations against Rosie Rivera for having concealed the robberies that were carried out in one of Jenni Rivera’s companies, of which she was in charge for years.

Juan Rivera was also accused by Chiquis of having demanded more money from them now that the companies are no longer under the management of Rosie and Lupillo Rivera has expressed his support for Chiquis and his sister’s other children, so the family relationship is quite fractured, if it was even more possible.

“Why do you hate Lupe?” they asked him via transmission. “I don’t hate it, the net doesn’t. I don’t. Thank God I don’t hate anyone, I really don’t but I already know that there is no going back, that this relationship is over “Juan Rivera said.

“If you want to enter, you enter”, He said when they told him to invite “Lupe” to the live. Among the statements that Juan Rivera has given in the live, is the following:

“I know what I have been, I know how I have failed, I know how cowardly I have been on many occasions, I know how I have failed my wife, how I have failed my mother, I know the stress that I caused my dad and I know how I have failed as a father because we all fail and one has the opportunity, bro, to say ‘I watered it‘. You know what spilled the glass between you and me in April 2021, you know “, he assured.

In other statements that Juan Rivera has given in the midst of the storm that rains on the family of “La Diva de la Banda” is the answer to Chiquis: “Apparently this will continue !!! You know me, you know how things will be done !!! What a way to start the year !!! HAPPY 2022. Hide your wallets THE RATERO RETURN “.

About him, Chiquis had declared: “He was paid monthly, if he feels like he wasn’t paid enough he has to talk to Rosie about it, she was his boss. We didn’t even know how much he was being paid. I know that he worked very hard for the company and he was thanked a lot but he was also paid ”.

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