Novak Djokovic spoke to his followers for the first time and sent a message of thanks

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic spoke this Friday from the hotel where he is in Melbourne, to thank his followers through social networks for the support they have given him in these days of controversy with the Australian Government, which does not allow him to walk free in that country because he is not vaccinated against COVID-19.

While waiting for Monday, the day on which the judicial resolution will be known to be able to enter the country and play the Australian Open, Djokovic said he was grateful to his fans for supporting his case.

“Many thanks to people around the world for your continued support. I can feel it and appreciate it “, expressed the number one in the world through social media, in his first pronouncement since he entered the hotel in Melbourne, when he arrived in Australia this Wednesday.

Djokovic showed up in the country of Oceania with a medical exemption that allowed him to defend his title at the Australian Open without being vaccinated, however, the border authorities revoked this permit claiming that he did not have valid arguments to receive said benefit that is granted in special cases.

Now, the Serbian must wait until Monday, when a court is scheduled to debate his case and make or not the decision to allow you to enter said territory to defend your title in the first tennis Grand Slam of 2022.

The vaccine is mandatory to enter Australia, but there are temporary exemptions for people who have “a serious medical condition.”, who cannot be vaccinated because they have contracted COVID-19 in the previous six months or have suffered an adverse reaction to the drug, among other reasons.

This case of Djokovic has caused controversy in the political arena between Serbia, whose president denounces harassment against the tennis player, and Australia that remains firm in its position of not granting exceptions when applying border laws.

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