Son of Leticia Calderón, the eternal lover of Marjorie de Sousa, wants to be a father, but only as girls

Leticia Calderón has made sure that her son Luciano is increasingly independent And, at almost 18 years old, the boy dreams of being able to start his own family in a few years and is perfectly clear about what he would do if he became a father.

The boy with Down Syndrome was interviewed by Marco Antonio Regil along with two other children and, when asked if he would like to have children, he made it very clear that he wants them to be women and that he would be willing to give one up for adoption if it were a boy.

I want to have daughters, no sons. I like girls much more because they are prettier, more affectionate and boys are not. If I get a child, I would take it to an orphanage, if a couple wants it, I can give it to them because it is not right for you to have a child you don’t wantLuciano said, eliciting laughter from the driver.

Also, the young man assured that sI was deeply in love with Marjorie de Sousa, well assured that he wants to marry her and become an airplane pilot to take her to all the places he wants, such as Paris for a romantic evening.

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