The little-known food in Spain that reduces cholesterol and uric acid at the same time

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The blackberry, of which they say “It is born in green, grows in red and matures in black”, is a small wild fruit that stands out for its high traditional value and its ability to control uric acid levels. This food is key in diets such as the Nordic one, since, in certain latitudes, fruit is not a local product, so blackberries are a perfect substitute, but even the Mediterranean diet can benefit from including it.

This fruit has a very low sugar content, while it is rich in vitamin C, higher than some citrus fruits, which helps maintain bones, teeth and promotes iron absorption. The Spanish Nutrition Foundation highlights its low caloric intake and its content in provitamin A, key in maintaining sight thanks to retinol. Its vitamin C content stands out, and due to the presence of citric acid in its pulp, it also has antiscorbutic properties, which means that it fights scurvy and is necessary for growth and development.

Even if there are more than 300 species of blackberriesThey all share nutritional values. They are 85% water and 10% sugar, especially levulose and glucose. In general, they are low in calories, with 0.90 grams of protein per 100 grams. It also does not contain cholesterol, which together with its great contribution of fiber (9 grams out of 100), are suitable for weight loss diets.

Great contribution of vitamin C

Blackberries provide vitamins, fatty acids, carbohydrates and minerals; It is also one of the most powerful sources of antioxidants known. The amount of vitamin C that blackberries contain (21 milligrams of every 100 grams of food) is enough to maintain the structural protection of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.

It is also responsible for preserving the nucleic acids that make up DNA and RNA from oxidative stress, the synthesis of elastin and collagen, keys in the development of blood vessels, tendons and ligaments. They also facilitate the synthesis of norepinephrine and carnitine, in addition to the transformation of cholesterol into bile salts.


This food is also a natural anti-inflammatory thanks to its polyphenolic compounds, which have anti-inflammatory activity in humans. Among the most notable polyphenols in these berries are anthocyanins, responsible for their distinctive colors of red, blue, and purple. According an investigation, the anti-inflammatory load of this food has important implications for reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Lowers cholesterol and uric acid

“Blackberries contain pterostilbene, which helps reduce cholesterol and regulates blood glucose levels. So it is positive for the treatment of type 2 diabetes“, explains Concepción Martínez, sports nutritionist. Something that studies such as the one carried out at the University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, Italy, they show.

Contributes to muscular and oral health

Being rich in potassium. Blackberry contributes to muscle maintenance. In addition, this nutrient is key in the transmission and generation of nerve impulses, helps maintain cell hydration and muscle tone. Regarding oral health, not only does vitamin C, which protects teeth, has an influence, this vitamin also has an effect on the bacteria that form dental plaque, halitosis and gum inflammation.

Benefits for digestion

Blackberries have nutrients like vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin K, all related to digestive health, according to Martínez. These nutrients also promote breakdown of hard-to-digest foods like meats and carbohydrates. Its high fiber content also prevents constipation and stimulates the proper functioning of the intestines.

Cardio and cerebrovascular protection

Antioxidants such as resveratrol, present in blackberries, protect the vascular system thus preventing cardiovascular accidents such as strokes. For their part, anthocyanins, in addition to antioxidants, are anti-inflammatory, so consuming this food regularly takes care of the entire circulatory system of the body, from the heart to the blood vessels.

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