They seize 19 kilos of cocaine floating on a paradisiacal beach in eastern Puerto Rico

Archive image of Puerto Rico police officers in San Juan.


SAN JUAN – Puerto Rican and US authorities seized this Saturday in Fajardo, a town on the island’s east coast, 19 kilos of cocaine valued at $ 391,000, local police reported.

As detailed by the security forces, they were Agents assigned to the Maritime Surveillance Division of Fajardo, along with other local agencies and the federal Border Patrol (CBP), who spotted floating near the shore of the island of Palomino several packages in the form of blocks.

When occupying them, they found that they contained cocaine, according to the field test carried out, the Police detailed.

The search for the drug spread from the island of Palomino to the coast of Las Croabas in Fajardo.

CBP took over the busy drug for its confiscation, indicated the Police.

At the moment, no one associated with the drug has been arrested.

A kilo of cocaine in Puerto Rico is sold on the black market for about $ 25,000, although abroad the payment could amount to $ 45,000, the then Puerto Rico Police Chief José Caldero told Efe in 2014.

18% of the drug that passes through the Caribbean stays in Puerto Rico

In turn, Caldero said that 18% of the drug that passes through the Caribbean stays in Puerto Rico.

Caldero assured that the drug is not manufactured in Puerto Rico, whose transfer through the Caribbean island on its way to the United States causes havoc at the local level.

That narcotics movement “has been maintained more or less” for more than two decades, Caldero said based on data from intelligence agencies and the Federal Drug Administration of the United States.

Cauldron also said that the drug is the culprit of 70% of the crimes that occur on the island.

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