Valencia CF called Real Madrid a thief on his Twitter account and Gerard Piqué made him spicier

Real Madrid beat Valencia CF incontestably with a final score of 4-1 thanks to the doublets of Karim Benzema and Vinicius Jr., who are his two most decisive players this season.

However, in the middle of the game held at the Santiago Bernabéu, a tweet was issued from the Valencian club’s account that caused a stir throughout Spain and crossed borders. “The robbery in Madrid begins to be somewhat repetitive, @lacasadepapel”.

They literally called Real Madrid thieves for an action that led to a penalty in favor of the White House. Casemiro faced and the main judge decreed maximum penalty before finishing the first half, then Benzema ordered to save the 1-0 partial.

In two hours the tweet had more than 17 thousand citations, 20 thousand retweets and 54 thousand likes. So much so that Gerard Piqué himself quoted him with the phrase: “Don’t say it too loud that they are going to punish you.”

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