VIDEO: Authorities confirm that there are 56 injured after a fight in a prison in Mexico

The fight started over a “minor issue” between a group of extortionists and several inmates.

RODNAE Productions / Pexels

At least 56 people detained in Apodaca, in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León, were injured after a fight that occurred this Friday, eight of whom remain hospitalized but not seriously, according to state authorities reported this Saturday.

Through a press conference, the Secretary General of the State Government, Javier Luis Navarro Velasco, explained that the fight began over a “minor issue” between a group of extortionists and several inmates, which ended up causing a fight in which stones were used and a mattress was burned.

For his part, Aldo Fasci, Nuevo León’s Secretary of Security, explained that the discussion began between two inmates for 70 pesos (about $ 3.43 dollars).

After the fights, the authorities found three cell phones in the cells that could belong to the extortionists, 7 packages of marijuana and 27 cocaine wrappers located inside juice cans.

The authorities indicated that among the injured, two are relatives of the inmates and a reporter, to whom a prison security fence fell during the protests that took place outside the building after the fight.

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