VIDEO: Three members of a dangerous network of trafficking in women are arrested from Colombia to Italy

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office reported this Saturday that three alleged members of a human trafficking network were prosecuted in that country, after being accused of deceiving young people to offer them work and taking them to Italy where they were sexually exploited and subjected to cruel treatment.

“The defendants, apparently, recruited poor young people in the Eje Cafetero and north of Valle del Cauca; They were offered false job offers in clothing stores in Italy and convinced them to travel, ”said Deicy Jaramillo Rivera, the specialized director against Human Rights Violations, through the social network Twitter.

According to the Colombian authorities, these people supplied them with clothes, plane tickets, cash and coordinated their transfer to Bari, in southern Italy.

After they were in this European city, “they withheld the documents from the victims and sexually exploited them to cover the living expenses and complete the money that was provided to them in Colombia,” explained Jaramillo.

Likewise, women were subjected “to cruel and degrading treatment so that they would not rest and be available to the claims of the so-called clients.”

The detainees are: two women (sisters) who were in charge of recruiting the women and receiving them in Italy; and a man who was a representative of a travel agency in Buga.

The three people have custodial security measures in their place of residence awaiting trial.

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