“What’s up brother?”: Haaland faced the Colombian Santos Borré in a discussion that was going to get out of control [Video]

A real game regalaron Eintracht Frankfurt y el Borussia Dortmund this Saturday on matchday 18 of the German Bundesliga. It was won by the set of yellow jersey with a tight score of 2-3 and left as a memory a confrontation between Erling Haaland and Rafael Santos Borré.

In the corner of the corner, the Norwegian forward controlled the ball and the Colombian Santos Borré went to pressure him and rammed him in such a way that he sent him to the grass off the field. Haaland got up in a rage and spoke to her in Spanish.

“What’s up brother?”, In a defiant stance from the Dortmund striker. Santos Borré looked at him and turned to avoid more conflicts. Even earlier, Haaland touched the area of ​​his genitals as he watched. Both ended the game with a caution.

Santos Borré had a special day by dispatching with a double. Billed at 15 ‘and 24’. Has 6 goals and 4 assists in 18 games with the club in his first season in the German league.

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