Young California treasure hunter disappears into the Pacific Ocean on one of his voyages

Hunter Lewis, 21, was an aerospace engineering student at Cal State Long Beach.

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A California college student who began a treasure hunt on Flatiron Rock Island is now the focus of search efforts after he disappeared into the Pacific Ocean while paddling a canoe.

Hunter Lewis, 21, an aerospace engineering student at Cal State Long Beach, departed for Trinidad Beach in Humboldt County on December 30.

And to this date the whereabouts of the young man are unknown.

The Los Angeles Times report states that on New Years Day, rescue teams found a long piece of the canoe on Martin’s Creek Beach (Magic Beach) in an area of ​​difficult access located by Stagecoach Road, north of Trinidad. The seat of the boat was found half a mile to the north.

The boy’s trip was part of a two-year plan to hide valuables for family and friends to look for in a tradition.

“He is the lost treasure,” his father Corey Lewis told the aforementioned newspaper about the disappearance.

Authorities suspect Hunter may have run into a rocky reef in the area.

The hopes of finding the student alive diminish more and more.

“In this point, it is a recovery operation, not a rescue operation“Acknowledged the father. “I only hope to find my son to return to his mother to bury him,” lamented the father.

The treasure hunt, organized by Hunter, included keys and keys made on a 3-D printer, and required participants to “rappel” (downhill mountaineering technique).

Hunter and his girlfriend visited Humboldt County as part of winter break, never imagining that the journey would turn into a tragedy.

The search group, which updates incidents on Facebook, consists of nearly 3,000 members. “I’m never going to stop,” said the father on Thursday. “I’m going to bring Hunter back home,” he said.

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