Zendaya and Tom Holland want to get back together after ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Tom Holland and Zendaya.

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Tom Holland Y zendaya They became the revelation couple of 2021, and not strictly from the cinematic realm.

It is true that the two lovers exude chemistry on the big screen thanks to the close relationship they forged in the filming of the latest ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy, so It shouldn’t be surprising that the two of you are looking forward to working together again.

It was even the actress who made known in conversation with Entertainment Tonight one of the proposals that could lead to a new joint appearance before the cameras.

The Hollywood star, who produces and stars in ‘Euphoria,’ he’s seriously considering Holland making a fun cameo in one of his new chapters.

“The truth is that we have joked about the idea of ​​subtly putting it in the background of some scene, to see if someone recognizes it,” said Zendaya.

For now, as you prepare for the premiere of the second season of the popular HBO series Max, she is grateful to have him in her life, as he praised Tom for having emerged as one of his great supports both personally and professionally during the last years.

“Tom has supported me a lot during the recording of the last season, which was very emotional because we all got deeply involved in our characters and in the stories that we intend to tell,” he said.

Speaking of her character Rue Bennett, Zendaya said that what she’s really looking for this season is “a little peace, a little happiness.”

“She is trying to be a functional junkie. I think we all know that that is not going to work and it is not going to last and it will probably come to a very painful end. That is something she has to find and learn on her own, no matter how painful it is to see her have to deal with, “he said.

‘Euphoria’ will return to the streaming platform this January 9 with weekly episodes that will have their premiere every Sunday.

According to the official synopsis published by HBO Max, apparently, in this second season they will continue to develop the lives of adolescents who intertwine in the city of East Highland. All of them must “find hope, while balancing the pressures of love, loss and addiction.”

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