Dengue: Jalisco closes 2021 with the lowest incidence in ten years

With 181 confirmed cases, Dengue gave Jalisco a truce last year which registered the lowest levels of presence of the disease since 2011.

According to the report of the epidemiological panorama of the Federal Ministry of Health, the entity dropped to ninth place in the country by number of cases after at least two years of being in first place.

In addition to the 181 confirmed infections, three thousand 956 probable cases were documented, the figures are below what was registered in 2020 when 5 thousand 484 infections were confirmed and the number of probable cases reached 23 thousand 166 cases.

Regarding deaths, there were 3 deaths caused by the virus; a year earlier, 32 deaths were reported.

The highest incidence rate per one hundred thousand inhabitants occurred in the municipalities of La Huerta, San Gabriel, Tonila and Tonaya. It was documented that serotypes 1 and 2 of the virus that causes dengue circulated at the state level.

Regarding cases of Zika, a disease transmitted by the same mosquito vector of dengue, the circulation of this virus in the State was not confirmed.

Dengue cases in Jalisco

  • 2021     181
  • 2020    5362
  • 2019    11927
  • 2018    2651
  • 2017    1115
  • 2016    2000
  • 2015    3013
  • 2014    1446
  • 2013    3115
  • 2012    585
  • 2011    170



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