Emergency landing of a plane in Bolivia left at least four injured

As a consequence of the accident, the pilots and two passengers were injured.

Maria Tyutina / Pexels

So far, four people have been injured after the forced landing that the pilot of a Uyuni plane, in southwestern Bolivia, had to make due to a “possible failure of one of the engines,” according to the authorities.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon approximately seven minutes after the aircraft took flight from La Joya Andina de Uyuni airport and after the pilot’s request to “return for maintenance” due to a mechanical failure, according to information from the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC).

The authorities affirmed that despite the possible failure of “one of the engines”, as a preventive measure they decided to make an “emergency landing in the vicinity of the Uyuni airport” and not on the runway itself.

Local media released images showing the Cessna C-402 on the outskirts of the highland city with damage to the landing gear and also to the two engines.

Likewise, it was known that the aircraft was destined to reach the eastern city of Santa Cruz.

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