Jake Paul goes with everything before Julio César Chávez: “he is a former champion but I can beat him”

Jake Paul respects Chávez Jr. but believes he can beat him.

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In 2022 boxing will continue to have a leading role and one of the fights that can be talked about is that of the vlogger and YouTuber Jake Paul who in recent times has dabbled in boxing and wants to fight this year against the former world champion Julio César Chávez Jr.

Regarding the possible fight, Jake Paul commented for Boxing with Chris Mannix he could easily beat Chavez Jr. despite the enormous experience that the Mexican has in the ring.

“It is interesting, he is a former champion I know I can beat him and I have seen his record I do not know how many defeats he has, but it’s a good record and that challenge excites me, “he said about the hypothetical fight.

Although critics claim that Jake Paul is not facing professional fighters, he commented that he is in search of an active fighter of high level but that the last available fighter fell apart due to injury (Tommy Fury).

“When they tell me to face a real boxer, I tried, I tried and he (Tommy Fury) he withdrew from the fight two weeks earlier. I want to fight a real boxer and I am going to do it, just have a little patience ”he commented.

On the other hand, the son of Chávez Jr. assured that he is ready to face Jake Paul and it would only take confirmation of the fight, also adding that he would be able to step on retirement if he does not beat the content creator.

Jake Paul continues in the search for rivals to start 2022 and although Julio César Chávez Jr. has been the most popular candidate for the fight, the list also includes other fighters such as retired and boxing legend Mike Tyson.

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