Mexico confirms the first case of flurone, the co-infection of covid-19 with influenza

“We have the first case of coinfection, covid and influenza, in a 28-year-old female, from here in Tepic,” said the Nayarit health secretary.

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A 28-year-old Mexican woman was diagnosed with an infection resulting from the combination of covid-19 and influenza, called “flurona”, according to the health authorities of the state of Nayarit.

We have the first case of coinfection, covid and influenza, in a 28-year-old female, from here from Tepic, ”José Francisco Munguía Pérez, Nayarit’s health secretary, said at a press conference. He also said that as soon as this case was detected, the woman was immediately isolated, who is already receiving medical treatment.

Classes will be suspended for 12 days

The official reported that, in addition, a case of the Omicron variant of covid-19 was registered, so they are on high alert, sanitary restrictions have been reinforced, the suspension of face-to-face classes was announced for the next 12 days and the closure of some public spaces, sporting events, masses and religious events, among others.

“We want to avoid a hospital collapse and that deaths begin to appear, they are drastic measures that hurt the economy but this is the way to break the chain of transmission,” he said. Despite the interest generated by this situation, which led to the neologism, flurone is not a novelty and had already been registered in other countries, such as the United States, where there were cases of patients with double infection in 2020.

Other cases in Brazil and Peru

In Latin America, Brazil was the first country to detect flurone and on January 6, Peru reported that three people were infected in the Amazon jungle region, one of whom died.

Mexico is currently experiencing a fourth wave of infections and on Saturday it registered a record of new cases in a single day throughout the pandemic, accounting for 30,671. To date, the country accumulates just over 4.1 million infections and registers 300,303 deaths from covid-19 and is the fifth country with the most deaths from this cause, behind the United States, Brazil, India and Russia, according to the University count. Johns Hopkins.

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