Nonsense: NFL Giants and Jets are sued to leave New Jersey and play in New York

Giants responded to the lawsuit by stating that they will defend the currency vigorously.

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A fanatic tired of seeing New York Giants and the New York Jets from NFL go through negative streaks has decided to bring the issue to justice and for this reason sued both teams to leave New Jersey and return to the Big Apple.

The lawsuit, which also includes the NFL and league commissioner Roger Goodell, It was made for nothing more and nothing less than six billion dollars and he has his argument in that with a record between both teams of 8 victories and 24 defeats and two games to play, they could not continue making life in New Jersey.

It also indicates that New Jersey-based teams cannot use the New York name. because its use implies a lucrative benefit for the currencies.

New York is a special state and iconic brand that NFL New Jersey teams cannot use to increase their value.”, States the lawsuit.

Abdiell Serum, an order maker and domiciled in New York, requested that the removal of both teams be carried out by the year 2025.

Among other demands requested He also asked that while the Jets and Giants play in New Jersey they do so under the names of East Rutherford Giants and East Rutherford Jets.; East Rutherford is the name of the town where MetLife Stadium is located, where both franchises play their games.

The move to New Jersey benefited the defendants financially only at the expense of the plaintiff and the class of millions of Giants and Jets fans.“Adds the document delivered to the Federal Court.

Through a statement, Suero also indicated how cumbersome it is to travel to the Giants and Jets stadium, which is why he considers that they should return to New York.

“I’ve traveled to and from MetLife Stadium on public transportation and car service, and both roads are a nightmare.”said Suero.

“It’s so much easier and more fun to watch the Knicks, Rangers, Yankees, Mets or Nets that are in New York City. If the Giants and Jets want to call themselves New York teams, they must go back to New York”Added the plaintiff.

The Giants responded to the lawsuit and clarified that the lawsuit “is without merit and we will vigorously defend it.”

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