Pit bulls lead dog attacks on people in New York

Pit bulls remain at the fore as the breed that has caused the most bites in New York with 2,610 cases, according to a recent report from the city’s Health Department.

That breed is the sixth most common in the Big Apple, but it has been to blame for the highest number of human bites, seven times more than any other breed.

Shih Tzus were New York’s second biting dogs with 364 attacks, followed by Chihuahua, with 344, according to a report by The New York Post.

“Pit bulls are known for their square heads, broad shoulders and muscular bodies,” the report states. “They are a descendant of the English bull and terrier breed, which was bred for bull-harassment and other sports of animal blood.”

The report quotes the United Kennel Club as most of the “pits” show “some level of canine aggressiveness”, even against the owners themselves.

The New York City Housing Authority has banned residents from owning pit bulls since 2010, according to the report, although it is possible to see them in areas of the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.

The bites were most common in the Bronx, Far Rockaway and East Harlem, according to the data.

“The teeth are big. They have a way of grabbing and trying to rip when they bite, “said Mia Johnson, co-founding member of National Pit Bull Victim Awareness.

Proponents of the breed, like Michelle Serocki, CEO of Pit Bull Advocates of America, point out that every dog ​​is different.

“Dogs are dogs are dogs … You can have a litter of six puppies, no matter what they are, they will grow up with different personalities,” he said.


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