The United States recovers the massive vaccination centers before the advance of Ómicron

The country registered more than 900,000 new infections on Friday, including 2,000 deaths.

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NEW YORK – Numerous US cities and states are choosing to reopen massive COVID-19 vaccination centers that had closed in recent months due to the explosion of cases unleashed by the Omicron variant.

Stadiums, shopping centers and other large areas used at the beginning of the immunization campaign are now being used again to administer vaccines, both first doses and booster doses. in an attempt to better protect the population from the rapid advance of Ómicron.

A majority of states in the northeast of the country, where the variant has attacked more strongly so far, but also others such as Oregon and Illinois have already reopened or plan to reopen large vaccination centers, capable of serving thousands of people a day.

Massachusetts, for example, on Thursday began giving vaccinations again at the popular Fenway Park baseball stadium in Boston.

In recent months, the bulk of vaccination in the United States had passed to pharmacies and medical clinics, but authorities are now seeking to give a new push to immunizations, especially by vaccinating children and giving booster doses to adults.

It is also expected to convince some of the people who so far have avoided getting vaccinated, according to officials quoted today by The Wall Street Journal and to ease the burden on many pharmacies due to the new wave of infections.

Slightly more than 66% of Americans over the age of 5, those who can be vaccinated, have completed the initial regimen, according to official data, while around 38% of vaccinated adults have received the booster dose.

COVID-19 cases have recently skyrocketed in the United States due to the Omicron variant, which already represents 95% of infections in the country.

This Friday, the country, which is the one that accumulates the most cases in the world, registered more than 900,000 new infections and about 2,000 deaths.

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