VIDEO: Dangerous drug trafficker requested by the US is captured in Colombia, alias “El Gordo” could be extradited

The Colombian authorities affirmed that they will contact the US Embassy to proceed with the extradition procedures.

Photo: RAUL ARBOLEDA / AFP / Getty Images

This Sunday the Colombian authorities captured the alleged leader of a cocaine drug trafficking network, identified as Mauricio Fabián Paz Velasco, alias “El Gordo”, who is being requested for extradition by the United States.

The subject was captured this Sunday morning while he was at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, arriving from a tourist trip to a Caribbean island, according to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office.

A Texas court requests alias “El Gordo” in extradition on charges related to a concert to manufacture and distribute narcotic drugs, as well as drug trafficking and distribution, according to Alberto Acevedo Quintero, director of the Technical Investigation Corps of Colombia through a video posted on Twitter.

Likewise, the authorities detailed that “El Gordo” collaborated with dissident groups of the FARC in Cauca and Nariño, which, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, were in charge of “producing cocaine hydrochloride; transport and put the cargoes on the Colombian Pacific coast, which were shipped and sent to Central American countries ”.

For their part, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Colombian Foreign Ministry affirmed that they will remain in contact with the United States Embassy to proceed with extradition procedures.

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