34 people rescued after ice chipped off Green Bay, Wisconsin

It is presumed that the passage of a barge was the one that caused the detachment of the ice.

Photo: Brown County Sheriff’s Office / Getty Images

Wisconsin authorities rescued 34 people Saturday after they were stranded on a large chunk of ice. that broke off in Green Bay, in the west of the state.

The first reports of the incident were received by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, who were notified of the chunk of ice released near Point Comfort, along the east coast of Green Bay, which began to separate from the main coast on Saturday morning hours.

The United States Coast Guard, along with the sheriff’s office, used airboats to rescue eight of the fishermen who were stranded as the floating piece of ice drifted further away.

The ice block was a mile from shore when the rescue ended, and people who were stranded were adrift for about 90 minutes, he said. The Hill.

“I heard reports that the ice had moved approximately 2,000 feet from where it originally was,” said Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy John Bain.

No injuries were reported during the incident, and authorities said a barge traveling through the area may have caused the chunk to detach, although officials are still investigating to determine the exact cause, it reported. Local 12.

“A barge could have passed, and that could have broken the ice. The breaking of the ice along with the natural conditions that occur could have led to that, ”Bain added. “The current and the winds make things can change quickly, and you are not always aware that they are changing.”

Although the Brown County Sheriff’s Office initially reported that 27 people were stranded, the real number was known to be 34.

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