Aleida Núnez reveals a part of her bust in a daring pose

Mexican singer and actress Aleida Núñez is setting fire Instagram with a photograph she recently shared, where she is left half-naked, and only cover part of your body with a towel.

Aleida Núñez appears with a naked back and covers her body with a gray towel, but her back looks naked, it can even be seen beyond that part of the body.

While at the top, The Mexican covers her nipples with the towel.

Aleida Núñez, nature lover

The artist loves nature, that’s why she poses in a forest, surrounded by trees and in what can be seen are some cabins, which are the ideal setting for her sensual anatomy.

In the photo, Aleida Núñez appears in profile so she reveals part of one of her huge breasts.

The image has more than 65,000 likes and a series of compliments for the statuesque Mexican actress.

In this way, the singer shows that at 40 she has a statuesque figure, even better than a young girl.

Although the image is leaving little to the imagination, there are users who want to see more and send strong messages to the Mexican actress.

“My love already teaches something else baby”highlights one of the messages.

However, Aleida Núñez makes it clear in her message that they can see more content on her official page, where she shares bolder images for exclusive members.

“ enter and see my complete content …”, Aleida specifies in her message on Instagram.

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