Couple kidnapped and tortured a man for three days in Florida

Authorities said the suspects face charges of kidnapping and attempted murder.

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A Florida couple was accused of kidnapping and torturing a man for three days The man who was chained up and tried to force him to admit to infidelity, authorities said.

The suspects identified as Marie Dorsainvil, 51, and Occius Dorsainvil, 56, face charges of kidnapping and attempted murder after subjecting a man, who has not yet been identified, to different torture.

The terror for the victim began in December, when Marie asked him to take her upstairs to her apartment for apparent sexual reasons; but nevertheless, the man refused and insisted that both he and she were married, but Marie told him that her partner was in Haiti so he agreed, reported NBC Miami.

As the victim was sitting on the couch, Occius allegedly entered the apartment with a gun and threatened to kill him by tying his hands and feet with a rope, authorities detailed.

Later, Marie and Occius forced the victim to record a statement in which admitted that he was having an affair with the suspect’s wife.

Among the torture methods used from day one, They threatened to make him eat his excrement, and if he refused, they would shoot himthe police pointed out.

During the second day of captivity, the victim was offered food, but she refused for fear that she would have to go to the bathroom and that her executioners would carry out the previous day’s threat. In addition, they attached chains to his restraints and demanded $ 50,000 in cash and the title of his car, reported NBC Miami.

On the third and last day of his abduction, the kidnappers forced their victim to shower while he was threatened with a gun and drove to an area where they would end up releasing him; Nevertheless, they did not release him without first forcing him to drink a container full of bleach and Haitian rum, making him pass out.

The victim remained unconscious for about half an hour, and upon awakening, ran for help, police said.

Upon being notified by the authorities, investigators were able to locate the two suspects, who confessed to their crimes and have been in the Miami-Dade jail since Friday night.

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