COVID: They rule out that flurone is a threat to Jalisco

This Monday, the governor of Jalisco reported that there are already at least four cases of people sick with flurone, the simultaneous infection of COVID-19 and influenza.

“Jalisco has the capacity to attend to you and this matter should not be a matter of anguish or additional concern”

However, he said, the cases have not presented complications and are under outpatient follow-upTherefore, coinfection does not represent a threat to Jalisco.

“We want to explain to people that this is not a matter in which they put anguish in between, that is, what in Jalisco there is the ability to detect the coexistence of two types of virus, which always happens. It is nothing new, that one does not think that there is a new phenomenon that is going to attack, “he said at a press conference.

The foregoing, he said, because the specialists who make up the State Health Board have explained that it is a “normal” situation that may occur, but that the important thing is that it is detected and treated in time to avoid complications. “Jalisco has the capacity to attend to it and this matter should not be a matter of anguish or additional concern,” added the governor.

“The issue of co-infections in winter times is extremely common and happens all the time. It is very common that, for example, one can have influenza with rhinovirus, adenovirus or other respiratory viruses, and it is even very common to have influenza or COVID with pneumonia, because viral infection facilitates co-infections, in such a way that it is not unusual, but yes, in a sense that we interpret as alarm, is that now influenza is combined with COVID. It is something that can happen, “said the head of the Guadalajara Civil Hospitals, Jaime Andrade.

On the subject of omicron cases, he said, there are officially 66 positive cases for the new strain, which were genetically sequenced by the state health system; However, as detailed by the authorities attending the press conference, between 80% and 90% of the cases that are currently active (with symptoms in the last 14 days) correspond to omicron “by sampling.”

Just on Saturday, Dr. Alejandra Vega Magaña, head of the Department of Diagnosis of Emerging Diseases at the University of Guadalajara, announced that the first two cases of flurone had been detected in Jalisco the day before.



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