Enlightening return of Klay Thompson with Golden State Warriors

The magic night in California, precisely at the Chase Center It has already been fulfilled and it was with the return of the 31-year-old guard Klay Thompson, who had not stepped on a court for more than 900 games and on Sunday night he was able to break this bad streak with an uplifting return.

The return of the escort was lived in style, almost that it was celebrated like a true championship. Of course, this is because Thompson is one of the franchise players and both he and Stephen Curry, have been the foundation of the glorious era of the Golden State Warriors.

Thompson spent 20 minutes on the court, getting 17 points, one assist and three rebounds; being key in the victory of the Californians 96 by 82 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. In addition, the American managed to score his triple number 1,800 in his career; being the second player in the history of this sport to reach that figure.

“It has been a totally unforgettable night” highlighted the player to the press after the game.

Now, with the inclusion of Thompson, the Golden State Warriors put a real fear on the other teams. Besides him, there is Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins y Kevon Looney; In short, Californians have enough wick and talent to lift the champion trophy again.


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