He donated a kidney to his mother-in-law and his girlfriend “pays” him by leaving him and marrying another

No doubt the popularity of TikTok It rose like foam once the pandemic began, because in this social network people found another way to entertain themselves, especially during the time of confinement, either by watching or creating content that could also bring them financial gains.

But also TikTok has become an outlet for many users; Just look at the latest trend that has been making a lot of noise for days and tries to make users count what is the most crazy or daring thing they have done for love.

Here we already tell you the story of the young man who went viral after ensuring that he gave up his university dreams at Harvard to try to get a love that turned out to be unsuccessful. Well, following the same trend, now is the story of a user named Uziel Martínez who has attracted attention and has already been around the world.

To the rhythm of the song “Favorite Crime” by Olivia Rodrigo, Martínez, who is a professor and lives in Baja California, Mexico, long ago donated a kidney to his mother-in-law, to the mother of whom he believed was the woman of his life, as long as she did not suffer. However, their love story did not have a happy ending.

“I donated a kidney to his Mom, she left me and got married a month later… ”, wrote the man next to a photograph in which he appears reclining from his bed.

The short but at the same time powerful message written by Uziel generated such an impact that the video now has more than 15.5 million views and hundreds of comments from users who truly cannot believe that he has been able to sacrifice his life for someone else.

This led Martínez to create other clips on TikTok to tell a little more about his story, ensuring that what happened has already happened and that currently He is in perfect physical and mental condition, and is currently in a cordial relationship with his ex, but not of friends.

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