NBA: renowned reporter suffers spectacular fall in heels after interviewing player [Video]

Kristina Pink, renowned reporter for Fox Sports, learned that using high heels on wet plank It’s not the best option.

After interviewing Amir Coffey, the Los Angeles Clippers escort, the journalist slipped and suffered a sharp fall in full transmission.

The video went viral on social media. Despite how cumbersome the coup looked, Pink laughed as she lay down.

It is worth noting that there were puddles of water on the court, given that Clippers players Coffey got wet during the interview.

“For all who ask, I’m good. There was water on the court … I appreciate all the messages“Wrote the reporter on Twitter.

With 21 points, Coffey led the win 106-93 from LA over Atlanta. The game was played this Sunday, at the Arena.

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