Rafael Nadal applauded the judge’s decision on the Novak Djokovic case

The Melbourne Summer Set champion, Rafael Nadal and one of the main candidates to win the Australian Open, once again captured the spotlight and not precisely because of his trophy; Rather, he sent a message of satisfaction with the judge’s decision to allow Novak Djokovic to play the first major tournament of the year.

“That seems perfect to me. In the end, totally correct. Nothing more. Justice is what has to speak in this case and I am always a defender of justice, in all causes “, said the Spanish tennis player in the program More than oneor Onda Cero.

It should be noted that the world number one was denied entry to Australian lands and there was the possibility of being denied a visa and the negative opportunity to defend his championship in the first major tournament of the year; which he won in January 2021.

“In the end, a circus has been set up around many stories, but regardless of whether or not I may agree on some things with Djokovic, Justice has undoubtedly spoken and has spoken that he has the right to participate in the Australian Open and it really is the fairest thing if it has been solved that way “Nadal added.

Nadal, for his part, showed his enormous version in the Melbourne Summer Set, previous tournament to play the Australian Open. The Spanish beat the American Maxime Cressy by a forceful scoreboard of 7-6 and 6-3.

“I have returned to racing this week, things have gone reasonably well. He has earned the title. After many months without competing, beyond winning or losing the important thing was to be back on a track in an official tournament ”, commented the Summer Set champion.

Nadal and Djokovic have written several duels throughout their careers, most of them in finals for some great title. Adding to the Swiss Roger Federer; That is why the Spanish referred with respect to what will be the participation of the number one in the Australian Open.

“On a personal level, I would prefer him not to play (laughs), but it would be the best for the sport, both economically and in advertising. For the best in the world to be on the track is better than for them to be anywhere else ”, concluded the Spanish tennis player.

In this way, the Australian country will prepare for next January 17 to witness the enormous game of two of the best players in history and the current champion of the tournament. In addition, each meeting of the Serbian will be a kind of morbid for all the controversy that was lived with the case of Djokovic.

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