The food chain and mass consumption demands that the labor discharge due to COVID be automatic

The organizations that integrate the food and mass consumption value chain have transferred to the Ministries of Health, Employment and Industry and Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development their concern about the situation generated by the management of sick leave in the current wave of infections by Covid, as well as to demand measures that prevent the lack of personnel from affecting the proper functioning of the production system.

The The increase in the number of workers registered in companies in the sector is a major administrative problem Given the difficulties they encounter in obtaining medical discharge, due to the congestion suffered by primary care. It is calculated that 1 in 7 of the workers who are on leave at this time could rejoin immediately, but they do not do so due to not obtaining medical authorization.

The food chain in Castilla y León is seeing how its sick leave numbers increase daily, a situation that is enormously complicating the management of companies. Faced with this situation, companies in the food and mass consumption sector, for the better functioning of the work centers and for the benefit of their own workers, request, in the first place, to facilitate the automatic labor registration associated with all cancellations due to Covid once the seven days that the quarantine period currently establishes -or others that the authorities may indicate- have passed without the need to go to the primary care centers to obtain it, logically, in the absence of symptoms.

As they already did in the case of vaccinating workers, companies make their mutual insurance companies for accidents at work available to the public health system to collaborate in this task under conditions of full sanitary and legal guarantees, thus being able to contribute in a very significant way to avoid unnecessary consultations in primary care and to decongest it.

On the other hand, They call for quarantine periods to be reduced to the essential minimums to guarantee the correct management of the pandemic based on the scientific information available and the experience accumulated during the last two years of the pandemic. In this sense, it is requested that, from a sanitary criterion, the possibility of shortening the deadlines is studied or limit those in which said quarantines are applied – in coherence with the decisions that are announced in the school environment – because the current reduction from ten to seven days is proving insufficient to guarantee adequate coverage of vacancies.

The food and mass consumption value chain has not stopped providing service throughout the pandemic

Since the beginning of the health crisis caused by Covid, the food and mass consumption value chain has tried to give an example of service to citizens and it has allowed that, in the hardest moments of confinement, there was no problem of supply to the population. The Consideration of the sector as essential in the first states of alarm.

To guarantee this essential service to the citizenry, most of the workers has to carry out its activity “In person”, not being able to telework or be substituted by other means. Therefore, in the current circumstances, the operation of operations in work centers, especially in establishments open to the public and on logistics platforms, are becoming extraordinarily complicated and they consider that Measures should be adopted “as soon as possible” that allow the affected workers to rejoin their work centers as quickly as possible, and that the companies be able to better plan the management of the workforce, in strict compliance with the criteria determined by the health authorities.

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