The moving video of a homeless man celebrating his dog’s birthday with a cake

No doubt of the infinite love that a person can reach for your pet. Those who have had a pet know what they can come to represent because the love and loyalty they can feel for their owners is pure and unconditional.

And for example, we have a video that went viral on social networks, which was taken a few days ago in the streets of Bucaramanga, in Colombia, where a man who is nicknamed as “El Choco”, who is homeless but is always accompanied by his dogs.

Precisely, a couple of days ago someone caught the “Choco” sitting one night on a bench, as always surrounded by his dogs, doing something very special and at the same time incredible: celebrating the birthday of one of the quadrupeds.

In the video you can see the man, who he puts a party hat on his pets, takes out a cake with candles and begins to sing “Happy Birthday”, dedicated to one of the dogs. Subsequently, He lights the candles, blows them out, kisses and hugs his dogs and proceeds to distribute the cake with his two companions, while he eats the rest.

As expected, the video went viral. Some users of the networks claimed to see the “Choco” walking through the neighborhoods of the town in search of food for him and his faithful companions. But it seems that he had access to a delicious cake to celebrate one of them.

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