This is the secret why the Coca-Cola served at McDonald’s tastes better than the others

There is no doubt that one of the things we enjoy the most, especially when it is necessary to refresh ourselves, is have a very cold Coca-Cola, Since at room temperature it does not taste the same, as this popular soda is best enjoyed with some ice cubes.

It is also true that the taste of Coca-Cola changes from one presentation to another. It doesn’t taste the same when you drink it from a can, a glass bottle, or a soda vending machine. Even from the latter, you may also notice that the flavor will depend on the place where you buy it.

Son many people who say that the richest Coca-Cola is the one you buy at a McDonald’s, indicating that this is where they find the freshest and most original flavor of this drink when compared to other fast food places.

Why does McDonald’s Coca-Cola taste special?

As published by the Southern Living siteIt is not that McDonald’s sells a Coca-Cola different from other fast food chains. The difference in taste would be basically caused by these 5 points:

1) How to store it

It was in 1961 when Ray Kroc completely took over McDonald’s and it was he who, from that moment, created the perfect pairing with the famous soft drink industry. This prompted Coca-Cola to help it devise its own storage techniques to preserve an original flavor, which other businesses do not have.

Most food businesses with soda vending machines receive Coca-Cola syrup in plastic bags, while McDonald’s is delivered in stainless steel tanks, which helps preserve the flavor as well as protect it from temperatures. , light, air and everything else that can degrade its flavor quickly.

2) Water filtration system

McDonald’s has about 37,000 stores around the world and it is very likely that Coca-Cola will taste almost the same to you in all of them. That’s also because their machines constantly filter the water to maintain consistent taste and quality.

3) Mixing the syrup

What McDonald’s does is pre-cool its syrup in a special area, away from room temperature or the heat of the kitchen. Similarly, mix the indicated portion of syrup and water, taking into account the melting of the ice so that the Coca-Cola does not end up being too watery. This would be the reason why you should never order it without ice.

4) Cold temperatures

In addition to the 2 steps above, McDonald’s also keeps soda water very cold. Insulated tubes carry water that is stored just above freezing from the refrigerator at the back of the restaurant to the fountain beverage dispenser at the front.

The water temperature is also optimized for maximum levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). In fact, CO2 doesn’t escape that easily from really cold liquids, so this temperature is designed to be more refreshing and to keep the soda bubbly longer.

5) The straw

In many places they have stopped using straws; However, in some McDonald’s stores they are still preserved and you will notice that the ones they give you there are much wider than the usual ones. The reason, as described on the website of the famous hamburger chain, is because they try to get the taste of Coca-Cola to reach all the taste buds.

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