VIDEO: Los Angeles officials save pilot seconds before a train crashes into a plane

The reason why the plane crashed on the train track remains to be known.

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The Los Angeles Police Department reported that officers saved the life of an injured pilot on Sunday afternoon. seconds before a speeding train crashed into a plane stuck on the tracks.

The authorities indicated that the crash occurred around 2 in the afternoon in the Pacoima neighborhood, when a single-engine plane forcibly landed on the Metrolink Antelope Valley railroad tracks. Faced with the urgency, the rescue teams arrived at the scene and managed to get the pilot out of the plane seconds before a train hit the plane.

The video already circulating on social media shows officers from the Los Angeles Police (LAPD) Foothill Division attempting to free the pilot from the train tracks while bleeding from a head injury. The man was pulled about 15 feet from the plane before impact.

After the dramatic denouement, the Los Angeles Police Department classified the rescue as heroic, as it was carried out by a swift action taken by the agents.

At the moment, the identification of the pilot has not been released, but it was learned that he was the only person in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk plane, who was later transferred to a local trauma center for treatment.

I don’t know why the train didn’t stop. I just saw the train windshield smashed“Witness Rociso Durán told Fox 11, who was able to witness the dramatic moments of the rescue.

After the incident, the passengers remained on the train after it stopped after the incident. It was also learned that firefighters contained a minor fuel spill.

However, The Federal Aviation Administration will be in charge of investigating the cause of the forced landing in the middle of the train track.

With information from Fox 11.

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