VIDEO: Moment of the robbery at Burger King in Harlem, where the robber shot a 19-year-old cashier

The New York Police Department released a video of a robber demanding money from the staff of a Burger King in Herlem, where the subject killed 19-year-old cashier Krystal Byron-Nieves, who lived near the area.

The images of the surveillance camera of the establishment were revealed to try to find the whereabouts of the assailant, who managed to escape after his misdeed shortly before one in the morning on Sunday at East 16th Street.

“The photo of the shooter who shot and killed a 19-year-old employee,” said the NYPD.

Any information will be received confidentially at 800-577-TIPS (in Spanish). $ 3,500 reward is offered.

The attacker hit a customer with his pistol and punched the branch manager; then he fired the gun and the bullet hit the young cashier directly in the chest.

Even if Paramedics took Bayron-Nieves to the Metropolitan Hospital and could not save her.

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