VIDEO: Young Venezuelan assassinated and another injured by cleaning the windshield of a truck at a traffic light in Colombia

Two Venezuelan migrants in Colombia were allegedly victims of a 50-year-old businessman who shot them repeatedly, seriously wounding one of them and killing the other.

Local media reported that according to witnesses the whole incident began at a traffic light on the road in the city of Medellín, where the two young window cleaners approached the truck with the intention of cleaning the windshield without authorization.

This would cause a violent reaction on the part of the driver who, according to what was expressed by witnesses to the Colombian media, “descended from the vehicle, intimidating them with a firearm.”

One of the young men allegedly drew a sharp weapon, causing the 50-year-old businessman to fire the weapon repeatedly.

The mortal victim was identified as Emilson Agustín Rodríguez Leal, 24 years old. The event occurred this Sunday afternoon.

For his part, the driver tried to escape, however the authorities arrested him later.

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