Virginia man found dead who abandoned car and tried to walk home during snowstorm

Whaley informed his family that he would walk home after his car broke down on Interstate 95.

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Louisa County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia, reported the discovery of the remains of a man who abandoned his car during a snowstorm on Thursday, and is presumed to have frozen to death while trying to return home.

In a statement, Louisa authorities said the body of 34-year-old Jacob Whaley was found in a pine plantation about 200 yards from Greene’s Corner Road by a search party of volunteers and officials from the office of the sheriff, according to The New York Times.

“Our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Jacob Whaley. Missing person cases are always a priority for the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, and we share your pain and sadness.“Reads part of the statement from the local body.

For his part, Ronnie Roberts, Louisa’s Deputy Chief of Police, said Whaley’s body was recovered in a heavily wooded area off the road, and the search team had difficulty getting through.

Our county had a 100% power outage and the roads are impassable“, indicó Roberts a The Times.

According to official reports, Whaley told his family on Monday that he would leave his damaged car to try to walk home, as his vehicle had broken down in Hanover County during a massive snowstorm that left several drivers stranded in Interstate 95, including Democratic Senator Tim Kaine.

Investigators found Whaley’s car on January 4 east of his Hanover County home, and based on data from his cell phone via the Life 360 ​​tracking app, Whaley’s last location was in Louisa County, indicated WRIC.

According to the aforementioned outlet, the last text message Whaley sent to his family was at 8:45 p.m. Thursday, detailing the reports his family notified authorities that they believed he might be near Greene’s Corner Road. .

Upon learning of Jacob’s death, his mother, Shannon Whaley, told WRIC that she was very angry with the county, stating: “Louisa County let him freeze to death. All they had to do was go out and scream for him“.

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