Centrifuge with blade to cut the leaves of vegetables and salads

Buy the bags chopped lettuces, clean and ready to serve it is very comfortable, it is undeniable, in addition, there is an extensive offer that allows us to enjoy a wide variety of combinations of different leafy vegetables, making something as simple as a salad, very attractive to the eye. But it must also be recognized that the flavor offered by the leaves of a freshly cut lettuce It is insurmountable, and it does not take so much work, it takes five minutes to prepare a lettuce for the salad.

What does seem essential to us is to use a vegetable centrifuge so that the leaves are well drained and dry, because there is nothing worse than a flooded salad. And we have been commenting on this for many years, in addition, we have seen different types of lettuce centrifuges, rigid, folding, with rope, with handle, plastic, stainless steel … And today we want to discover a new model that may be interesting because it is a multipurpose, it is the centrifuge with blade to cut the leaves of vegetables and salads.

Be careful, it is not that the centrifuge cuts the vegetables whenever it is used, the blades are removable, so this new appliance from Chef’n, whose official name is Salad Chopper + SpinnerIt is a container that, depending on the accessories that we put on it, can be used to wash, rinse, chop and drain the leafy vegetables. And let’s not forget that it can also be the same container in which to comfortably dress the salad.

Kitchen accessory

Below you can see a video of this new vegetable centrifuge with blade to chop the leaves And that, incidentally, according to the manufacturer, these blades are made of plastic to prevent the cut sheets from turning ugly, avoiding their oxidation. Surely you know the lettuce knives that were launched a few years ago with this objective, we continue to use it, even if it is made of plastic, it cuts very well and not only leafy vegetables …

As you have seen in the video, another use can be added to this kitchen utensil, and that is that the container can be the bowl in which the salad is presentedIt is simply a transparent container that will look good on the table at any occasion. The Chef’n Salad Cutter and Spinner It is made of resistant plastic material, it can be washed by hand and in the dishwasher and its dimensions are 24’3 centimeters in diameter and 15’5 centimeters high.

On the Chef’n website you can find out more details, including its price, which at the change (because it is in dollars) is about 35 euros. As it is a novelty for our market, we have not yet found it in physical stores that work with the brand, or in online stores, but it will surely not take long to reach Amazon, where they already have a wide catalog of their products, so stay earrings in this page and if you want, take a look at the old model of vegetable centrifuge of this brand here.


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