Clarissa Molina poses without makeup and they tell her that she looks angelic in nature

Clarissa Molina has surprised her audience by posing without a drop of makeup. In his Instagram account, he shared a simple photograph that highlights his face and barely reveals his torso, covered with a bathing suit, while in the background you can see a kind of cave and a little water.

“No makeup, no hairdo, just water and nature. Happy Monday and many blessings ”, was the message that the Dominican presenter shared with the image.

This photograph, which so far has more than 57,964 likes, delighted more than one of his followers who have let out his romantic side to ensure that Clarissa Molina without makeup looks divine.

These are some of the comments left by the Dominican, who was the third finalist in Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2015:

“Al natural! How beautiful you are Clarisa!”

“Super beautiful, very angelic”

“Clarisa AL natural .. That is YOUR Real! sincere! transparent Don’t change! “

“So it must always be”

Recently The Dominican revealed what her secret is to maintain the figure she enjoys having and that he constantly shows through his Instagram account, where he has so far garnered more than three million followers.

A person asked “Clarissa, how do you get in shape?” And she answered: “DISCIPLINE” was what he narrated in a video where he is seen practicing boxing just on New Year’s Eve.

“My people are going to say goodbye to the year as it should! Don’t wait for the 1st to start your routine, start today! ”Was what he told his followers that last day of 2021.

Likewise, the also actress before the end of the year that we left behind She made a change of look, which she showed with a fairly simple outfit in which her large knee-high boots stood out. Her change of look was based on lightening her hair a little, moving away from the brown that reigned in her hair, and leaving some reflections.

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