Illinois mother confronts man who murdered and burned her son’s corpse; thanks to his intervention police detain the suspect

Faheem Norwood is being held without bail for the murder of Isaiah Davis in Illinois.

Photo: Harvey Police / Courtesy

A mother in Illinois confronted the suspect in murdering and setting her 17-year-old son on fire, helping authorities arrest him last month.

On Friday, police confirmed that it was the work of Isaiah Davis’ mother, which basically led to the arrest of Faheem Norwood, 34,

Leslie Bell received a confidence from a neighbor about the man her son was spotted with before the murder.

It was then that Bell followed the alleged killer and confronted him.

Following the confrontation with Norwood, the mother contacted the police.

“I looked him in the eye, and I knew he was the one who hurt my son,” Bell was quoted as saying by the Chicago Tribune.

“When he extended his hand to greet me, the interaction with me occurred. I was more frontal with eye contact. He couldn’t maintain eye contact. So that was it for me, ”the woman pointed out.

December 31st, Police officers in Harvey arrested Norwood on charges of murder in the first degree.

Prosecutors say Norwood and Davis were at a residence in Burnham when the former pointed a pistol at the latter and said, “Will you have one for the boys?” Before pulling the trigger. Initially, the gun did not fire, so Norwood fired again.

Following the attack, reported on October 28, the suspect transported Davis’s body in a U-Haul truck to an abandoned apartment in Riverdale before moving it to An alley in Harvey where he set it on fire.

At the time of the incident, Norwood was on probation for a shooting in October 2010 that left three dead, two of these children, and a 4-year-old boy injured. Although Norwood’s murder charges were dropped in this case, he was convicted of other charges.

The defendant will remain in prison without the right to bail.

“If he had been locked up, my son would be alive,” Davis’s mother said.

“I am glad that he is in custody and that he cannot hurt anyone else,” said the woman.

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