New scandal: Model revealed a “night of love” with Manchester City footballer Jack Grealish [Fotos]

The English end of the Manchester City Jack Grealish he is again in the middle of a scandal when it comes to his personal life and this time it was thanks to the star Chloe Brockett, belonging to the English reality show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), who claimed to have had a “night of love” with the player in the days after the Euro 2020.

Brockett, 21, said for the newspaper The Sun who had a meeting with Grealish in Mykonos, Greece, whom he met while partying at a club while out for a walk.

“We met at the Toy Room (a place whose motto is ‘Sinners are always welcome’) and he headed straight for me. I’m not sure if he recognized me from ‘TOWIE’ or not, but he introduced himself and we started chatting. My first impression of him was that he was really charming, very talkative and friendly. And he’s obviously very handsome. He seemed like a lovely boy, “said the model for the English newspaper.

He didn’t use any flirting phrases and we had a great time, talking, drinking and having fun. Then later, he asked me to return to his residence and I agreed.Brockett added.

The controversy is that in November, the Citizens footballer was also related to another English personality: actress and television presenter Emily Atack.

It should be noted that the alleged links with both Brockett and Atack were maintained by his relationship with the also model Sasha Attwood, who has been his girlfriend since adolescence and with whom he has been dating for more than ten years.

This is not the first scandal Grealish has been involved in. In 2015, while playing for Aston Villa, was found drunk while on vacation in Tenerife, while a year later, when celebrating his birthday, he was fired from a hotel for the scandal he created with two women and their friends.

In addition, by 2020, he was in a car accident after breaking quarantine and traveling in slippers and months later an alleged Grealish appeared in a sex video together with a person other than his girlfriend Sasha.

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