Nick Kyrgios feels “ashamed as an Australian athlete” after the Novak Djokovic case

Nick Kyrgios is confined for testing positive for COVID-19.


Nick kyrgios He has become one of Australia’s hopes for joys in tennis in recent years and is now confined after testing positive for COVID-19 ahead of the Australian Open. He gave his opinion on the Novak Djokovic case and nothing was saved.

Finally an Australian court returned his visa to Djokovic to be able to travel and compete in the Australian Open. Kyrgios, who was waiting for the final decision, said he is ashamed of what happened.

“We know that the media likes to create shit storms, with my story and everything that happens with Novak. I feel quite ashamed as an Australian athlete You’ve seen what this guy has done for us and for the sport. I just don’t think it’s correct how we’re handling it, but the media loves to do that, they love to divide, ”the tennis player commented in his instagram story.

Kyrgios is currently 26 years old and ranked 116th in the ATP world rankings. Now you hope to be ready to compete at home: “Obviously, a week away from the Australian Open is not ideal, but I will do everything in my power to feel good and play. and, hopefully, give everyone a show, “he said.

A few days ago, before the final verdict on the Serbian was known, Kyrgios also supported him: “I definitely believe in taking action. I got vaccinated for my mother’s health and everyone’s, but the way we handle Novak Djokovic’s situation is bad, very bad. He is one of our great champions, and at the end of the day, he is human. Do it better ”.

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