Oklahoma couple admit to having sex in their victim’s bed while he was dying

Oklahoma couple admit to having sex while their victim was dying.

Photo: Tulsa Police Department / Courtesy

Oklahoma authorities released 28-year-old Nicholas Johnson and 25-year-old Brinlee Denison as the prime suspects in the death of Sarah Maguire, for which they were detained by the corresponding authorities and a bond of more than $ 1 million has been set for each one.

According to an affidavit from the Tulsa police, which was distributed by the KNWA / KFTA news outlet, Nicholas Johnson and Brinlee Denison beat Sarah Maguire to death with a lever inside his house located in Oklahoma in early 2022.

According to Nicholas Johnson, after he committed the murder, he had sex with Brinlee Denison in the victim’s bed while the victim was dying in the next room and then they fled.

The victim’s family told the authorities that they found Sarah Maguire dead, in addition, they alerted about the theft of his car and credit cards, which led them to those involved.

The victim’s car was tracked down and police found them sleeping in the parking lot of a Whataburger restaurant in Arkansas, where they admitted the crime; both face charges of first degree murder and car theft.

In a police interview, Nicholas Johnson claimed the murder and recounted the plot with Denison.

It was possible to know that Nicholas Johnson and Brinlee Denison had a romantic relationship For some time now, but his girl was also in a relationship with the victim, which aroused his jealousy and led him to make a fatal decision.

Sarah Maguire’s sister, Jamie, posted on her social media thanking the Tulsa Police Department for their support: “Our family has suffered a devastating blow this week. My sister Sarah has lost her life in a senseless act of violence. Please keep our family in your prayers as we navigate through this time. Rest assured that justice is being served ”.

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